Rabu, 25 Oktober 2017


MAN 3 brought 3 trophies after competing in BBMA competition.

Jakarta(Humas MAN 3 Jakarta) – This year BBMA (Bulan Bahasa Madrasah Aliyah) competition was held in MAN 4, Pondok Pinang. Senin (23/10)
3 types of competition namely English Speech, Story telling, and News Anchor were conducted to commemorate Language month (bulan bahasa). There were 169 students participated in that competition from more than 30 senior Islamic high schools all over Jakarta. Alhamdulillah, thanks God, MAN 3 won in all categories. Nabila Aulia Maharani  was the 3rd winner for English speech, Ghefira Nur Fadillah got 3rd place for story telling, and Sofwatun Qolbi as 2nd consolation Prize Winner in News Anchor.
They actually didn’t have sufficient time to practice because they were having mid term exam a week before the competition, so they concentrated more on the exam rather than the competition itself. MAN 3 English teachers Nining Suryaningsih, Is Farida, and Afaf Bahrul Fatiyah were hand in hand to assure that students taking part were totally ready to join the competition. So once again congratulation my dear Students I’m proud of you. /abf
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