Senin, 25 April 2016


Jakarta, April 26 2016

A group of teachers in MAN 3 Jakarta are undergoing a workshop conducted by MAN 3 in cooperation with some institutions. The main speaker is Catur Yoga, a teacher of MAN 9 Jakarta, who has traveled around Indonesia to give training on publishing a piece of writing on website. 

Literation is a program introduced by the government to improve students' time in reading. Schools are encouraged to give more time to the students to read whether academic or non academic books. Students are expected to read at least 2 books a year and give the review of the books they have read. Whereas, the teachers are expected to produce a composition as an output of literacy program.

The main objective of the training is to equip teachers with the skills of writing an article or any types of compositions and publish it on the website. By the end of the training teachers should submit their piece of writings online. Submitting the writingonline is one of the requiements needed to get a digital cerificate from Intel

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